The Hispanic Star Campaign represents an unparalleled collective effort to create a platform to showcase and amplify the contributions of the Hispanic community to the United States, not only as an integral part of the American culture but also as an undeniable force shaping its future.

“The Hispanic community needs corporate America to step up for us more than ever. The adverse situation our country is facing from COVID-19 has disproportionately affected US Hispanics on the health and economic fronts, putting this group in a fragile position that demands strong and immediate action.”

Claudia Romo Edelman, founder and CEO of the We Are All Human Foundation.

As we recognize the ceaseless work Hispanics are doing to support this country despite the unsafe circumstances, Hispanic Star invites everyone to come together beginning on May 21st in support of Hispanics through a collective Month of Action. 

The Hispanic Star Month of Action will galvanize corporations, organizations, and individuals to act in unity and solidarity to address the urgent needs of the Hispanic community as a result of the impact of COVID-19. On May 21st, these stakeholders will begin acting or pledging actions in the form of donations (funding, food or product), volunteering or sharing. We want to incentivize civic engagement, and thus aim to encourage the community’s participation in the Census and register to vote, through the Month of Action.


The Month of Action aims to: 

Make donations of food, product, or funding to Hispanic Star Hub projects taking local action, and to organizations who are supporting the Hispanic community. 

Use the Hispanic Star Volunteer & Service Wall to offer your time, expertise, or talents in the Hispanic Star Hub projects, Hispanic organizations, professional service requests, or acts of kindness.

As COVID-19 continues to disproportionately affect US Hispanics, we need to raise awareness in order to elevate the problem and find solutions in support of the community.



We are kicking off the Hispanic Star Month of Action with the support of 4 the world’s biggest companies:


Donating Personal Protective Equipment and product to Hispanic essential workers and families in need.

80,000 cases of Frito-Lay product distributed to grassroots organizations through the Hispanic Star;
and announcing a $1M donation to UnidosUS.

Providing 10,000 job opportunities and donating 10,000 hours of training and volunteering.

Providing educational resources in English, Spanish and Portuguese through FREE Open P-TECH launch.

Take a look at our open statement to Corporate America to incentivize action and protect Hispanic employees, consumers and the community.